Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award (DofE)

Find out more about DofE at The Bee Hive.

Our Duke of Edinburgh bronze award currently runs as part of curriculum for our year 12 pathway two and three.

The Bee Hive started delivering the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award in September 2017. We chose to deliver the bronze award after speaking with potential employers of our students and them explaining that having Duke of Edinburgh on their CV is something that is very positive and has benefits to employees and employers.

The bronze award consists of four sections; physical, volunteering, skills and expedition.  All of the four sections need to be completed by students to achieve their award.  The students have lessons taught at The Bee Hive or using local facilities for around 3 hours a week which cover their physical section as well as basic map reading, the country code, how to keep safe when out and about and to progress their independent living skills needed to have a successful expedition.

We are already seeing that the Duke of Edinburgh is providing our students with a very positive experience.  The social benefits from having two overnight expeditions show that the students are socialising in a different way to school and are able to form closer friendships as they share positive experiences with others.  They are gaining life skills and independent living skills, which can help them, progress further throughout their time here at The Bee Hive.

Parents are very pleased with the progress their children make. They comment on the excellent progress their children have made in their academic work and personal skills…


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