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Self-Isolation and Absence

To support you all during these uncertain times, please see our Home Learning Timetable below. Use the activities embedded in the timetable to support your child’s learning while they self-isolate/are absent.  This resource is supplementary, and should be used only to supplement work directly set by your child’s teacher. Work by class teachers should take priority.

Home Learning Hub Timetable

Northgate School Arts College Home Learning Timetable  for Self-Isolators and Absent Pupils Autumn 2020

Once your child’s teachers are made aware of the need for your child to self-isolate, or if the school is required to close because of a positive case, ALL pupils will access their learning via their school timetable. This is their actual school timetable, and teachers will deliver learning online via Microsoft TEAMS.  In the event of closure, please access all teaching via the timetable below:

In the event of school closure: Teaching on TEAMS:

In the event of full scale school closure, all teaching and staff-to-pupil contact will be conducted via TEAMS. In order to keep everyone safe, parents, carers and pupils must adhere to the academy’s Online Learning Policies; including the COVID-19 Addendum to our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, here:

Child_protection_policy_Covid 19 addendum_-_Sept 2020

Parents and carers of new pupils will be sent information on an individual basis to ensure the necessary agreements regarding Online Conduct and Safeguarding are signed and understood.

Access to ONLINE Learning:

Teachers will send TEAMS links for you to access lessons via your child’s school email account. Please ensure that you have your child’s username and password to hand in the event of school closure.

Your lessons will be delivered as per the timetable below:

New Online Learning Resources: Padlet.com 

A range of online resources and links for all key stages:


A range of ASD-specific resources for families and children:


Learning Pathways:

When accessing work on the Home Learning Hub Timetable, please note that your child will be in one of three learning streams ‘Pathway One’  ‘Pathway Two’ or ‘Pathway Three’.

Pathway One/Enhanced Provision:

If your child is in Pathway One, they require a lot of additional support with foundation (basic) skills, which are really important in supporting their understanding of the world around them.  If your child is in Pathway One, you child’s teacher and first point of contact will be:

Year 7:  Mrs Smith (7SS)

Year 8: Mrs Goode  (8JG)

Year 9: Miss Kennedy  (9ZK)

Year 10: Mr Billing     (10 ABi)

Year 11: Mrs Chamberlain (11 TC)

If your child’s class teacher is one of the above, please follow the ‘Pathway One’  then follow the Pathway One links on the Home Learning Hub timetable when choosing work for your child.

Pathway Two  and Pathway Three Provision:

Pupils in Pathways One and Two receive a similar educational diet, which is needs-dependent, and work is differentiated accordingly.

If your child is in Pathway Two, their provision and classroom setup is constructed to support the additional needs associated with their Autism.

If your child is in Pathway Three, their wider special educational needs are met through differentiation and support.

Pathway Two:

If your child is part of the Pathway Two cohort, their class teacher and first point of contact will be:

Year 7: Mrs Martin (7JM)

Year 8: Mr Goodge (8AG)

Year 9:  Mrs Jacobs  (9NJ)

Year 10:  Mr Schulz  (10 DSc)

Year 11: Miss Sexon  (11 RS)

If your child’s class teacher is one of the above, please follow the ‘Pathway Two’ links on the Home Learning Hub timetable when choosing work for your child.

Pathway Three: If your child is Pathway Three, their class teacher will be:

Year 7: Miss Davy  (7CD)

Year 8: Mr Jordan  (8TJ)

Year 9:  Miss Folwell (9NF)

Year 10: Miss Hadley  (10 CHa)

Year 11: Mr Robinson  (11 PR)

If your child’s class teacher is one of the above, please follow the ‘Pathway Three’ Links on the Home Learning Hib timetable when choosing work for your child.

In the event of a full-scale closure, you will refer to the school timetable and access TEAMS links sent to your child’s school email address by their teachers.

Keep them Reading!

Reading Books will be chosen and advised by your child’s class teacher. Please ensure that you make contact with your child’s teacher, so you are clear about your child’s reading level, and which scheme they are accessing.

You can access the Oxford Owl website (where you will find your child’s reading book) here.


As with all things IT- related, please remind your child about online safety and be vigilant for them when they are online.

If you see anything inappropriate, or are targeted  while online, or your child is made to feel unsafe, please report to CEOP. You can access their details here.

Once you have contacted CEOP, please inform a Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Pastoral Care

Class teachers will conduct a Wellbeing ‘check-in’ once a week for the class group and/or individual pupils. This can be conducted via TEAMS or telephone. In the event of a national or local lockdown, further information regarding contact arrangements will be sent to parents and carers.

Safe and Well checks for self-isolating pupils and those on long-term absence.

In the event that individual or small groups of pupils may need to self-isolate, you will be contacted on the first day of absence, and then subsequently during the period of isolation or absence by your child’s class teacher, a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead or a Parent Support Adviser.

Parents and Carers: How to Access TEAMS Video Guide


Parents are very pleased with the progress their children make. They comment on the excellent progress their children have made in their academic work and personal skills…


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