Life Skills and Living

Find out more about life skills and living at The Bee Hive.

All students at The Bee Hive access life skills and Living.  We offer qualifications from entry level 1 to entry level 3.

Our life skills sessions aim to develop and enhance the personal skills required in order to gain independence in situations outside of the usual classroom environment.  This is done through the supervised use of public transport; including buses and trains, handling own money, making purchases in shops and supermarkets; as well as social skills building visits to a variety of places including cafes, libraries, parks, restaurants and public houses.  All of our learners are supported and encouraged to handle their own money, make their own purchases and interact with shop staff and cashiers/use self-service tills, in order to develop their confidence, self-esteem and general independence skills. All the while ensuring personal safety and understanding how best to stay safe in public are at the forefront of our learning.

Parents are very pleased with the progress their children make. They comment on the excellent progress their children have made in their academic work and personal skills…


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