“The art of acting is to be other than what you are.” – Whoopi Goldberg

Drama and Arts

The contribution of drama at Northgate School Arts College is recognised across the curriculum. The importance of its integration to all areas is fostered by all other subjects as it is a key method of accessing subjects especially as most of our pupils find it difficult to respond to text.

The interpretation of drama includes all elements of visual expression and the students work practically using a range of dramatic genres and drama techniques and are exposed to both devised and scripted work.

They explore, in role, through improvisation, a variety of situations, issues, relationships, characters, text and stimuli. Students will become familiar with a range of drama terms, conventions and strategies to move forward to study the subject at WJEC Entry Level.

No one denies that shows at the end of term can be nerve-wracking, but at Northgate School Arts College the aim is to keep it simple and utilise existing knowledge, keeping stress to a minimum for the pupils involved.

The purpose in drama is to build self-confidence, self-worth and self-awareness and also talent spot to discover where everyone’s strengths lie.

Students like to feel valued and know that their contribution to the production is vital, which is why it is so important to incorporate their ideas.

By working in a collaborative way, not only does everyone feel a sense of ownership but they will also learn a great deal from the processes involved – the research, writing, painting, composing, choreography, lighting and so on.

Start with their strengths and let the production evolve…

Overall the emphasis is on enjoyment, team work and developing skills that provide fulfilment and promote self-confidence.

“Northgate is better than my old school because people are nice to me and understand me. I love to come to school.”



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