“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below; Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” – William Shakespeare (1564-1616


It is the subject which acts as the gateway for the rest of the curriculum. We have specialist programmes in place to ensure that our pupils receive the support and challenge they need to make positive and sustained progress.

At KS3 we run a mixed age, appropriate level curriculum to ensure that pupil lessons are gauged at the most effective levels. These mixed groups run in parallel with another group in order to build in flexibility in lesson delivery and content.

The KS3 Literacy curriculum is planned over 3 years to cover the entire Key Stage. This ensures a wide breadth of study and avoids repetition of content whilst ensuring skills are built upon and developed. The Curriculum is designed to be challenging and engaging for our pupils. This helps pupils stretch their abilities and helps progress to the next levels of attainment.

Class teachers plan and implement a personalised series of lessons which are developed with a group of individuals in mind. This personalised approach helps a series of lessons maintain cohesion over time. At the end of each topic/theme a major piece of work is produced and this allows accurate assessment of pupil progress.

At KS4 pupils work towards qualifications from the outset of year 10. The curriculum is designed to allow flexibility in exam entrances. All pupils are taught in mixed ability groups and study the same course material regardless of ability range. Lessons and tasks are differentiated to provide challengewithin a supportive environment. Course material covers a range of literature, poetry and plays from a variety of traditions. The source material is chosen in order for exam entry to be available to all pupils at the appropriate levels

“The mainstream school experience had made our child sad, unhappy and alone. Her school life was transformed almost overnight here at Northgate. She was able to enjoy attending school, to learn and achieve her potential.

Jenny Clark

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