Our Geography lessons provide students with the skills to make sense of the world around them.


Geography lessons at Northgate School Arts College aim to provide pupils with the skills they need to make sense of the world around them, to explore and understand the human and physical processes that shape it. Through their studies, pupils develop their understanding of different societies and cultures and their links to the global community via food, sport, technology etc. We aim to provide all students with a geographical education which is up to date, relevant to their lives and encourages independent learning.

All Key Stage 3 pupils have a statutory right to Geography lessons and here at Northgate School Arts College all classes have one 45 โ€“ 50 minute lesson per week. Geography is taught following the National Curriculum Guidelines to all KS3 pupils. Pupils continue studying Geography until the end of Year 9 after which they are able to choose whether to continue studying Geography or History in KS4 in which time they have the opportunity to complete an accredited course and complete modules to contribute towards an ASDAN award.

Teaching is outstanding. Teachers know their students very well and fine-tune lessons to make sure everyone learns very rapidly, whatever level they are starting.


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