Information Communication Technology

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates.


At Northgate all pupils have a lesson of I.C.T. a week in our main I.C.T. Suite. At Key Stage 3, they are working mostly with Microsoft Office software Word (developing word processing skills), Publisher (developing desktop publishing skills), PowerPoint (developing slide presentation skills) and Excel (developing simple spread sheet skills). They will also access the internet through our managed system to either access some of our on line resources the Purple Mash or Crystal Web sites and for to complete tasks set during lessons. E-safety is a very important part of this and pupils complete units about aspects of this in each academic year. This also forms part of our Learning 4 Life curriculum. We also encourage pupils to learn basic block coding skills as well as developing their understanding of computers and how they work.

This culminates in pupils completing unit 9C tasks in the ASDAN Bronze/Silver Award and OCR Entry Level in ICT Functional Skills level 1,2 or 3 depending upon their performance. This will be either in year 9 or during Key stage 4. If they have completed their Entry Level in Year 9, they can then work towards the next level which is OCR Level 1 in ICT Functional skills. This can be completed in Year 11.

This is only the discrete I.C.T. curriculum and forms only part of our pupils exposure to new technologies. We are developing a wide range of resources to help promote learning and understanding and improve access wherever possible. We have a Sensory Room and make use of several mobile laptop suites, digital recorders and video cameras are in almost constant use throughout the school. We also use iPads for a range of curriculum areas with suitable apps. These will enable us to access an even wider range of resources with the aim of allowing our pupils, school staff and other adults to gain confidence in, and enjoyment from, the use of ICT and new technologies, both within the school arena and the wider world.

The primary aim is to use ICT / Digital Literacy tools to:

Engage and enhance our pupils learning experiences throughout the curriculum.
To gain confidence in, enjoyment from, the use of ICT and new technologies, both within the school arena and the wider world.
Encourage pupils to gain essential skills required to access and use new technologies as independently as possible in the working world.

ICT / Digital Literacy is good because we wish to encourage the pupils to learn about using ICT skills for:

Suitable online research
Responsible Internet usage
Poster Design
Certificate and Greeting card designs
Effective use of a range of programs for photo and video editing

Computing is good because we wish to encourage the pupils to learn about computing skills for:

To be able to use block coding to complete tasks and control on screen tools.
Create simple algorithms
Using basic logical reasoning to explain how algorithms or code work
Setting about simple debugging tasks breaking issue down into manageable chunks
Navigate their way around our computing network to find files and folders

Luke gets more independent and confident with everyterm and year spent at Northgate and his smile and happiness radiates to all he comes into contact with.

Nicki Thomas

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