Information Communication Technology

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates.


Why I teach ICT.

In an ever-changing world  with even faster changes in technology usage that we cope with on a daily basis, many children with additional needs can easily fall through the net, and be made to feel that ICT study is not achievable.

However, pupils with SEND can be the most amazing users of IT, so it is important that the curriculum affords them the opportunities to shine and excel.

My aim is to make sure that our pupils become confident and safe users of IT, as it is now an increasingly essential element of our daily lives, and our curriculum is designed to give learners the skills they need to be Digital Citizens as they become young adults and, inevitably users of IT for all areas of 21st Century life.

Mr Skuce  Head of Key Stage 4, Curriculum Leader for ICT & Designated Online Safety Lead.

The primary aim is to use ICT / Digital Literacy tools to:

  • engage and enhance our pupils learning experiences throughout the curriculum.
  • to gain confidence in, enjoyment from, the use of ICT and new technologies, both within the school arena and the wider world.
  • encourage pupils to gain essential skills required to access and use new technologies as independently as possible in the working world.

In KS3

We cover all the elements of  E-Safety, These are:

  • personal information
  • ‘Stranger Danger’
  • ‘You Me and Social Media’
  •  ‘Using the Internet to find Information’
  •  ‘Using email’
  • Word processing
  • Presenting Information
  •  Use of basic excel spreadsheets
  • Block Coding and image editing.


In KS4

We move more towards the Functional Skills Curriculum to give our pupils the opportunity to achieve external accreditation at Entry Level (up to Level 1 in Functional Skills ICT). We also continue to expand knowledge and skills on the aspects of website structures, film editing, image editing coding and basic games design.

Luke gets more independent and confident with everyterm and year spent at Northgate and his smile and happiness radiates to all he comes into contact with.

Nicki Thomas


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