Performing Arts: Learning through Creativity!

“The art of acting is to be other than what you are.” – Whoopi Goldberg

At Northgate, we pride ourselves on our creative curriculum. The arts are a brilliant way of including everyone, and supports speech and language development, builds confidence and self-esteem, and can be life changing for young people.  The arts also encourage wellbeing, increase cultural capital and open our eyes to the amazing world around us.

The Performing Arts team consists of three lovely specialists: Mr Valentine (Dance), Miss Davy (Music) and Mr Schulze Drama).  In years 7,8 &9, all three disciplines are taught discretely, with ‘showtime’ lessons providing an opportunity for pupils to receive teaching that is directly linked to our school shows. In Showtime lessons, pupils will learn the wider skills required for a career in the theatre. These may include: lighting, technology, prop making, costume design or artistic direction.

At Northgate, all pupils are encouraged to learn and apply prior and taught knowledge and experience, which has led to pupils in all pathways accessing some amazing opportunities, including: Voice in A Million, Sign to Sing with Fletch, the School’s Shakespeare Festival and even Carnival!

“Northgate is better than my old school because people are nice to me and understand me. I love to come to school.”



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