Preparation for Adulthood

At Northgate we aim to enhance career development.

Why we do what we do!

Preparation for Adulthood is all about ensuring that pupils can develop and grow into secure and confident adults, equipped- socially, and with the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to society.  This is at the heart of what we do at Northgate, and with our diverse context and pupils with wide-ranging needs, we have to be creative, engaging and diverse in our approaches if we are to meet the very different needs of our phenomenal pupils.

Our Preparation for Adulthood offer has been constructed and developed using a wide variety of sources from: Education Health and Care Plan outcomes, The Equals Curriculum and the PSHE Association SEND and primary school schemes (for pupils who require a more adapted approach), as well as a blend of the PSHE Association primary and secondary schemes for pupils who require, and are able to access, age-related content. Many of our pupils require a more secondary-led age-related topical approach, but delivery is still very much matched SEND need and individual circumstances.

Therefore, our Preparation for Adulthood or ‘P4A’ offer is a unique amalgamation of:

  • Citizenship & Fundamental British Values (with elements of Social Moral Spiritual Education)
  • Careers education (focusing on Skills for personal development and employability)
  • Social Skills
  • Learning for Life
  • Wellbeing
  • Character Education
  • Relationships and Sex Education, and, of course,
  • Preparation for Adulthood

It sounds like a lot, but there has been a great need to tailor our curriculum in order to meet the needs of all pupils, give ‘PfA’ a clearly named identity- as, with all things considered, whether we are working on social skills, Learning for Life, Careers education or Protective Behaviours, we are essentially preparing our pupils for adulthood!  We have also ensured  that further personalisation of the offer can take place, as needed, through:

  • Protective Behaviours to support personal and social safeguarding needs
  • ELSA (Emotional Literacy Learning Assistant) support
  • Personalised timetables
  • School nurse and medical team support (for those more ‘tricky’ conversations)
  • One-to-one support, as advised with the academy’s Parent Support Advisor
  • External counselling agencies
  • A peripatetic specialist counsellor for our pupils with Autism

Living in the Wider World

Although we teach discrete Careers lessons at Northgate, and have a clear, sequenced and coherent Careers curriculum offer in place, we have also embeded the PSHE Association’s ‘Living in the Wider World’ units and The Equals Curriculum’s ‘My Independence’ schemes to compliment the Careers offer and further build schema and skills around Careers and Employability, and ‘real life’ aspects of growing up and preparing for adulthood. Our pupils also benefit from reinforcement, interleaving of taught skills and knowledge, and overlearning, so increased emphasis on these areas of learning are a huge plus.

So, why so much Careers Education?

With only around 4.8% of young people with SEND statistically recorded as being able to acquire and retain full-time, paid employment, it is up to us to ensure that the curriculum (amongst other things):

  • is fit for purpose and closes social and learning gaps
  • Supports pupils in gaining meaningful access to employment or further study
  • takes into account pupils’ SEND needs,
  • Explicitly builds the skills and knowledge pupils will  to access appropriate provision, employment or Post-16 or further study
  • is aspirational, and ensure that progress is captured, celebrated, and can feed into next steps for learning
  • involves appropriate external agencies linked to pupils’ Education Health and Care plans
  • embeds core social, emotional, wellbeing and Safeguarding knowledge
  • offers opportunities for pupils to develop their social, communication and interaction skills in the real world
  • Is coherent, sequenced and transferable
  • links to Key Stage 5 or the chosen post-16 offer

The ‘PfA Curriculum’

For more information, our Preparation for Adulthood Curriculum Statement can be found here:

PfA Curriculum Statement Aug-Sept 2020-21

Parent Consultation September/October 2020

An opportunity for parents and carers to have their say about the new PfA curriculum was given at the beginning of the Autumn term.  Here is the PowerPoint  that was delivered to those parents and carers who engaged with the process:

For more information, our Preparation for Adulthood Parent Consultation (including the Relationships and Sex Education 2020 element) presentation, can be found here:

Parent Consultation Meetings Sept-2020

For parents and carers who did not participate in the first consultation, a recording of the parent meeting- which explained the rationale behind the curriculum and new government guidance- can be found on TEAMS. Please get in touch with Becky in the office, if you would like to access this recording.

Further consultations will follow this academic year, and we will notify parents and carers in due course.

Leaders ensure that pupils have access to enrichment activities including a breakfast club and after-school club


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