“The scientist is motivated primarily by curiosity and a desire for the truth.” – Irving Langmuir


Science is an entitlement for all pupils below post 16. The aim of the science team is that all students should gain a greater understanding of the world around them and be able to use scientific method to question ideas put to them. They should also appreciate the need to work safely and to follow instructions. Through science students should be able to strengthen their Numeracy, literacy and ICT skills, using real situations presented to them. Where possible lessons are taught in our laboratory.

Key Stage 3

The science course is based on the National Curriculum.

In year 7 the pupils’ scientific skills are reinforced from their primary schools. We find out ‘how to be a scientist’ and work safely within a laboratory setting. We do a lot of work about measuring, recording, observing and working as part of a group. We revisit several of the topics from primary school to ensure we are building on previous knowledge and understanding.

The ‘working scientifically’ skills are then further developed during years 8 and 9 by studying a variety of different topics.

The whole school uses a theme based approach. We match these themes in science lessons to help the pupils gain a greater understanding of the themes through a variety of approaches.

Key Stage 4

Pupils will study one of 2 courses, either AQA Entry Level or AQA GCSE. This allows pupils to be stretched and challenged, however we also take into consideration the needs of the individual pupils when deciding on an appropriate course for them.

Both courses currently include a practical element, although for the GCSE this is not sent directly to the exam board. The GCSE is assessed by external exams and the Entry level is assessed by several unit tests. All areas of science are included within the schemes of work.

Leaders have also ensured that the effective use of teaching assistants across the school ensures that all pupils actively engage in lessons because their needs are being met.

2017 Ofsted
Inspection Report

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