The Northgate Prospectus

Download the Northgate Prospectus below.

Our personalised curriculum is as individual as our students

Northgate School Arts College is a special school and provides a curriculum which is meaningful to its pupils and that reflects the National Curriculum. It is based on entitlement and the right of every pupil to participate in a variety of learning experiences and activities.

Our curriculum is extended by an array of enrichment activities including day visits, cultural experiences and theme days.

Our curriculum is embedded in our creative environment

The Arts are more than curricular subjects at Northgate School Arts College.  They are the foundation for engaging, inspiring and motivating pupils throughout their school lives.  The skills developed for success in Drama, Media, Visual art and Music are transferable throughout the wider curriculum and support the pupils’ transition into adult life

Our learming is enhanced by a variety of additional opportunities

Within school, support is available through the expertise of staff who deliver speech and language therapy, self esteem raising activities, including Huff-Puff club and Turnabout.  This team include welfare staff, our Parent Support Advisor and our Learning Mentor.  We work as part of a wider team that has regular input from a Physiotherapist, our Social Worker, the School Nurse and the Education Welfare Officer.

Our community provides opportunities to enrich and extend our learning

Working with our wider community is a strength of the school.  Our pupils are actively involved in a wider range of community projects including environmental, citizenship, vocational and work-related learning.  We have strong partnerships with Connexions, outside agencies and a wider learning community which includes local colleges, mainstream schools and our special school partners.

Our excellent facilities provide a major resource for learning

A visit to Northgate School Arts College is the only way to appreciate the range and variety of our facilities.  Our school is purpose built to enable pupils to access a secondary style curriculum, specialising in the Arts, in a safe environment.

Our code of conduct for all pupils is based on respect for others

  • To listen to others
  • To follow requests
  • To accept the needs of others
  • To treat others with respect
  • To take care of all property both our own and others
  • To be responsible for our own actions

…have continued the drive towards providing a stimulating educational experience for pupils. This has enabled pupils to make excellent progress. Consequently, they achieve strong outcomes.


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