Staff Directory

Listed below is the full Staff List for Northgate School Arts College, the Bee Hive and the Sweet Bee.

Academy Leadership Team

(SW) Miss Shez Webb Executive Head Teacher
(FS) Mrs Francesca Shears Head of School
(SH) Mrs Sarah Hutt Head of The Bee Hive
(LMi) Ms Lynnette Michaelides Deputy Head of The Bee Hive
(SN) Mrs Susan Nembhard Deputy Head
(JF) Mrs Joanne Fitzpatrick Assistant Head Teacher

Business Team

(CC) Mrs Catherine Cope School Business Manager
(TDa) Mrs Trudi Daurie Retail Manager
(BW) Mrs Becky Woodham Office Administrator/Receptionist
(LCh) Miss Linzi Cheal Centre Support/Finance
(LCo) Miss Lisa Collins HR Assistant/Wellbeing Reception
(SMa) Miss Suzie Maskell Business Wellbeing Receptionist
(JSt) Mrs Jadie Stirling Office Administrator
(SPr) Mrs Sheryl Press Office Administrator
(TP) Mrs Tracey Prosser Finance Assistant
(KH) Mrs Kerry Hagan Clerk to Governors
(SFr) Mrs Susan Lake Café Assistant
(MCl) Mrs Mary Clemas Café Assistant
(JHu) Miss Joanne Humphreys Café Assistant
(LO) Miss Lauren Owers Café Assistant
(TB) Mr Tyler Beale Café Assistant
(CW) Miss Chelsea Bowers Café Assistant
(JSh) Mr Sayyed A-Jazz Shah Retail Assistant

Medical Team

(RCa) Mr Robert Callahan Medical & Welfare Assistant
(SCl) Mrs Susan Clarke Medical & Welfare Assistant
(GB) Miss Georgia Bell Medical & Welfare Assistant
(NMe) Mrs Nicola Merrey Medical & Welfare Assistant
(ASp) Mrs Amy Stout Medical & Welfare Assistant
(EH) Mrs Elaine Hall Medical & Welfare Support
(AGo) Mrs Alison Goodacre Medical & Welfare Support

Premises Team

(VP) Mrs Viv Pallett Facilities Manager
(FA) Mr Frank Allen Premises Manager
(NM) Mr Neil Morgan Premises Manager
(RA) Mr Russell Allen Caretaker/Cleaner
(ARe) Mr Andy Reynolds Caretaker/Cleaner
(JT) Mr Jonathan Tims Driver

Catering Team

(MCa) Mr Mark Cartwright Executive Chef
(CLo) Mr Chris Lowe Chef
(Sha) Mrs Stacey Hart Chef
(NS) Mr Neville Smith Assistant Chef
(SWo) Mr Sam Worth Catering Assistant

Cleaning Team

(DC) Miss Delia Crook
(EBy) Mrs Elizabeth Byrne
(LD) Mrs Linda Devall
(JMc) Mrs Jane McArthur
(DBr) Mrs Deborah Bricesmith



(KP) Miss Kamini Patel Key Stage 3 Manager/Teacher
(DSk) Mr Dave Skuce Key Stage 4 Manager/Teacher (ICT & Media)
(NF) Miss Natasha Folwell Teacher/PE
(JG) Mrs Jacqui Goode Teacher/Learning for Life
(CHa) Miss Clare Hadley Teacher/Maths Manager
(NJ) Mrs Nicola Jacobs Teacher/RE
(PR) Mr Paul Robinson Teacher/English Manager
(RV) Mr Robert Valentine Teacher/Performing Arts
(JL) Mrs Julie Lee Teacher
(DSc) Mr Dean Schulze Teacher/Performing Arts
(CD) Miss Catherine Davy Teacher/Music
(TC) Mrs Trudy Chamberlain Teacher/Food Technology
(JMa) Mrs Jessica Martin Teacher/Humanities
(SS) Mrs Sarah Smith Teacher
(ABi) Mr Adam Billing Teacher/Art and Design
(SP) Miss Sophie Palmer UQT
(AGo) Mr Adam Goodge NQT
(RS) Mrs Rebecca Sexon UQT
(NR) Mrs Nikki Tupman UQT
(ZK) Miss Zoe Kennedy UQT
(TJ) Mr Tom Jordan NQT
Mr Kevin McHenry Consultant

Cover Supervisors

(SWa) Mrs Susan Ward
(BHa) Miss Breeshey Hartley

Support Assistants

(SM) Mrs Sarah Moore Parent Support Advisor
(JFu) Miss Joanne Fuoco Family Support Worker
(KC) Mrs Katie Chappell Speech & Language Assistant
(CR) Mrs Corrine Rawlings Speech & Language Assistant
(VA) Mrs Victoria Angus Classroom Support
(BC) Mrs Bev Carr Classroom Support/Science Technician
Classroom Support
(LCa) Mrs Louisa Carbon Classroom Support
(EC) Miss Ellie Cartwright Classroom Support
(RCh) Miss Rachel Chapman Classroom Support
(EVC) Miss Evie Clarke Classroom Support
(RCo) Miss Rachel Coleman Classroom Support
(JM) Miss Jessica Noble Classroom Support
(MC) Mrs Michelle Copestake Classroom Support
(JD) Mrs Jenni Davidson Classroom Support
(SE) Miss Sherry Ellingham Classroom Support
(DDa) Miss Denika Daniels Classroom Support
(SGa) Mr Stewart Gates Classroom Support/Outreach
(SGr) Mrs Sam Mitchell Classroom Support
(SG) Miss Selena Gregoriou Classroom Support
(CHo) Mr Chris Holland Classroom Support
(SJ) Ms Sarah Johnson Multisensory Impaired Support
(KMa) Miss Kelly Marks Classroom Support
(AMc) Miss Angela McGoff Classroom Support
(KMi) Miss Katie Mills Classroom Support
(LM) Miss Leanne Moriarty Classroom Support
(SMu) Mrs Sarah Murton Classroom Support
(SNe) Mrs Sarah Nevell Classroom Assistant
(APi) Mrs Aneta Pinch Classroom Support
(HRa) Mr Hamidur Rahman Classroom Support
(HS) Mrs Heather Scott Classroom Support
(LSi) Mrs Lisa Silcock Classroom Support
(KSk) Mrs Kirsty Skears Harvey Classroom Support
(HMB) Miss Hollie Melay-Brown Classroom Support
(LSt) Miss Leah Sturgess Classroom Support
(JSw) Miss Julie Swain Multisensory Impaired Support
(LVH) Miss Lorraine Van Hese Classroom Support
(HT) Miss Hayley Thorne Classroom Support
(FVP) Miss Francesca Partridge Classroom Support
 (TG) Miss Tanya Girvan Classroom Support
(JW) Mr Jason Woodham 1:1 Support
(SKe) Mrs Stephanie Kensett Classroom Support
(SBi) Mr John (Sean) Billingham Classroom Support
(LHa) Miss Lottie Hardwick Classroom Support
(TH) Mrs Toni Hills Classroom Support
(ECh) Miss Ella Chandler Classroom Support
(LUN) Mrs Leanne Underwood Classroom Support

Lunchtime Supervision

Miss Rachel Chapman
Mrs Rachel Coleman
Mrs Michelle Copestake
Miss Evie Clarke
Mr Stewart Gates
Mrs Sam Mitchell
Miss Zoe Kennedy
Miss Angela McGoff
Miss Katie Mills
Miss Kelly Marks
Miss Leanne Moriarty
Mrs Sarah Murton
Miss Nikki Tupman
Mrs Rebecca Sexon
Miss Kirsty Skears
Mrs Lisa Silcock
Miss Lorraine Van Hese
Mrs Susan Ward
Miss Ellie Cartwright



(TWh) Mrs Tracy Whitehead Key Stage 5 Manager/Teacher
(LBr) Mr Luke Brennan Teacher
(MH) Mr Michael Hayes Teacher
(DSa) Mrs Diane Saxby Teacher
(JBy) Mr Jon Byrne Teacher/Sport/DofE
(SRe) Mrs Sarah Renard Teacher
(JSa) Miss Jennifer Saunders Teacher/Performing Arts
(VY) Mrs Barbara Yamada Teacher

Cover Supervisors

(DSw) Mrs Denise Swannell Cover Supervisor

Job Coaches

(LK) Mrs Larrayn Kent Employability Manager
(DO) Mr David Ogden Job Coach
(FR) Miss Farah Rizvi Job Coach
(MC) Miss Marian Coare Job Coach
(DH) Miss Diane Howells Job Coach
(GG) Mr Gavin Gardner Job Coach – Horti
(CA) Miss Charlotte Ashby Job Coach
(PS) Mr Peter Stuart Job Coach
(SHa) Mirs Shirlee Hayes Job Coach

Support Assistants

(SPar) Mrs Sarah Partridge ASD Transition Co-ordinator/Transitions Co-ordinator
(NT) Mrs Nicola Tarry Classroom Support
(TD) Mrs Tina Duff Classroom Support
MHu) Mrs Mair Huggins Classroom Support
(VT) Mrs Vivienne Tarry Classroom Support
(VY) Mrs Barbara Yamada Classroom Support
(CRob) Miss Charlotte Roblin Classroom Support
(NMo) Miss Nivene Moven Classroom Support
(JCam) Mrs Jackie Cameron Classroom Support
(CRo) Miss Chelsea Rose Classroom Support
(RB) Miss Rosie Bulmer Classroom Support
(ECl) Mrs Emma Clues Classroom Support
(JCh) Mr Jonathan Chapman Classroom Support

Lunchtime Supervision

Mrs Nicola Tarry
Mrs Tina Duff
Mrs Denise Swannell
Mrs Sarah Partridge
Mr Jonathan Tims
Mrs Elaine Hall
Mrs Mair Huggins
Mrs Larrayn Kent
Mr Rob Callahan
Mrs Amy Stout


The Sweet Bee Team

(TDa) Mrs Trudi Daurie Retail Manager
(EO) Miss Ellie Owers Retail Assistant
(LO) Miss Lauren Owers Retail Assistant

Parents are very pleased with the progress their children make. They comment on the excellent progress their children have made in their academic work and personal skills…


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