Horticulture Pathway

This pathway provides students with an opportunity to develop life skills important for the ‘real world’.

Horticulture Pathway

The Horticulture Pathway provides an opportunity for our learners to develop basic life skills whilst improving their physical senses, self-confidence and self-esteem; all essential elements in preparation for the ‘real world’. This flexible learning programme inspires learners to experience exciting and engaging activities both inside and outside the classroom environment and develops their understanding of the benefits associated to working with plants.

The learners will undertake practical activities to encourage the process of independent decision-making through exploration, evaluation and nurturing thus improving psychological health, well-being and concentration. While our learners are having fun discovering new horticultural skills we are also embedding the value of teamwork giving our learners the confidence to develop the skills required to either pursue a career in horticulture or to continue their horticultural education at other establishments.

The following horticultural vocational courses we offer our students are part of a foundation learning tier. They have been approved within the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and require no pre-requisites.

Each learner will be assessed by means of a practical activity at The Bee Hive and they will cover all learning outcomes specified in each unit.

AIM Awards

‘Working in Horticulture’ Entry Level 1 or 2 – 2 Credits
‘Exploring Working in Horticulture’ Entry Level 1 or 2 – 1 Credit

These two (QCF) qualifications run side by side, one day a week over one academic year and are designed to support a development of skills to enable our learners to recognise personal growth and be better prepared for employment and/or further learning.

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

Level One Award in Practical Horticulture (incorporating Level One Introductory Award in Practical Horticulture) 11 Credits

As an internationally recognised qualification with a strategic objective to ‘inspire, involve, inform and improve’*, this two year course is delivered one day a week enabling our learners to expand their horticultural knowledge in a practical environment at their own pace.

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