Personal and Social Development Pathway

Delivering a robust and enriching Personal and Development Pathway.

Personal and Social Development Pathway

At the Bee Hive we deliver a robust and enriching Personal and Social Development (PSD) curriculum which enable our young people to develop skills that support independence and help in day to day life. The PSD curriculum inspires confidence in our young people by giving opportunities to develop daily living skills, money management, managing social relationships and practice travel training. These skills also help prepare those young people wishing to progress into employment or further education.

The PSD curriculum also covers important dates throughout the year that are celebrated nationally and internationally. Our young people embrace these topics and develop skills that enable them to converse with their peers, at home and when in the community. The PSD curriculum supports equality and diversity. We deliver a comprehensive Relationship and Sex Education program.

We assess our young people on individual progress through Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA): A non-accredited system used to track individual progress.

Parents are very pleased with the progress their children make. They comment on the excellent progress their children have made in their academic work and personal skills…


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